[Indonesia Report] Rafflesia Patma, a giant flower, blooms at Bogor Botanical Garden in Indonesia

Visitor takes picture of Rafflesia Arnoldi in Taba Penanjung Nature Conservation in Bengkulu, Indonesia (Photo: www.kompas.com)

One of Indonesian unique flower, Rafflesia Patma, recently blooms in Bogor Botanical Garden in Indonesia.

Rafflesia Patma is a member of the genus Rafflesia that is known as the largest individual flower in the world.

Rafflesia is an endemic plant that occurs only in Sumatra Rainforest, Indonesia.

The blooming of Bogor Botanical Garden is the second time since another bloom in 2010.

Kompas.com reported that one Rafflesia Patma blooms on Sunday and followed by another one last week (Nov.  4).

The scarce flower usually blooms only for three days. But it could last to more than three days in a good weather with humidity.

Irawati, Bogor Botanical Garden’s researcher, told Kompas.com that this means the success of the attempt to grow Rafflesia Patma outside its habitat.

“Now Bogor Botanical Garden has the host plant that means the flower would grow again some other times,” Irawati added.

Currently there are 17 species of Rafflesia in Indonesia. One of the famous Rafflesia is Rafflesia Arnoldi that inhabited in Sumatra Rainforest with diameter of 1 meter.

Rafflesia Patma first found in 1797 by Auguste Deschamps, a French Naturalist. It later had been described by Blume who was served as Bogor Botanical Garden’s Deputy Director.

Rafflesia Patma is a parasite plant with no root, leaf and stalk. When it is bloomed, its diameter could reach to 1 meter with weight of 11 kilograms.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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