[Indonesia Report] Banda’s Islands offer heavenly beauty for tourists

Banda Neira, one of the islands of Banda, Moluccas, Indonesia (Photo: http://jalanalakere.wordpress.com)

Dolphins appeared on the side of the ship, seem like they were welcoming tourists, when the ship was approaching Banda Island, Moluccas, in Indonesia.

Kompas.com on its article about Banda Island described the beauty of the Volcanoes seen from distance with ten of islands around Banda Island like that and said that the 7 hours sea trip from Ambon, the capital city of Moluccas was worth it.

The small islands, covered with heavy vegetation and white sands, also have a lot of coconut trees  in the shores.

In between the islands, you could also see fishermen fishing in their traditional boat, it added more beauty on the scenery.

Under the sea, the scenery was also breathtakingly beautiful. Clear blue sea with reefs and colorful reef fishes could be clearly seen from above. To add more fun, you can also do snorkeling or diving.

To see the underwater exotic, diving is perfect.  The sea biodiversity could be clearly seen. There are 10 diving spots in Banda with maximum depth of 35m.

You do not have to worry about the diving equipment because you can easily find it from the diving shops run by diving instructors who will also take you to the diving spots.

The beauty that Banda offers could be a perfect gateway from the crowdedness of cities. No wonder that international celebrities as Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones’ vocalist), the late Princess Diana, Princess of York Sarah Ferguson, came to visit Banda.

Every year, hundreds of international tourists came and enjoy Banda’s beautiful nature.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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