[Indonesia Report] Protests against anti-Islam film cause closure of U.S. embassy

Protest in front of United States Embassy in Jakarta on Monday, September 17 (Photo: www.vivanews.com)

Friday (Sept 21) United States Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, was closed due to protest by some groups of Indonesians against the film of ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

Indonesian’s faction of Justice Prosperous Party (PKS)’s meeting, scheduled on Friday (sept 21), with United States Ambassador to Indonesia was cancelled due to the protesting.

“Today PKS faction should have meeting with US Ambassador to Indonesia. But yesterday afternoon we got information from US Embassy that the embassy would be closed, therefore Mr. Ambassador could not come to the House of Representative for the meeting,” Hidayat Nur Wahid, PKS’ chair, told Viva News  Friday.

PKS is rescheduled to meet US Ambassador on Monday (Sept. 24).

The agenda of the meeting is to solve the film of Innocence of Muslims problem which has raised rage of some Indonesian Muslim groups.

“Mr. Ambassador would express US government stands on the film and we would deliver our stands also and what Muslims in general in the whole world understands,” Hidayat said.

Hidayat said the Film of Innocence of Muslims has caused chaos to the international level and created the image of US as an enemy. He added that US is disadvantaged from the movie he called cheap and insulting for Muhammad the prophet.

“Therefore United States should stand in front line to solve this problem because this would only disadvantage them,” Hidayat said.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton asserted the film is completely unrelated to US government.

“US Government is completely has no relation to the video. We are truly rejecting the content and message. For us, the video is disgusting and despicable. It is obviously has cynical purpose to denegrate a religion and provoke anger.” Clinton said.

Protesting against the film of Innocence of the Muslims has been going on in several countries and even cost lives. Viva News reported that in Pakistan, 23 people died in the demonstrations.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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