[Indonesia Report] Jakarta, world’s most active twitter city

graphic of top twitter cities (Photo: semiocast.com)

Jakarta, Indonesian capital city, is home for the most active “tweeps” and “twitterian” in the world. Semiocast, a French based social media monitor company published a survey on July 30, saying that Jakarta is the city with most number of posted tweets.

Tweep is a Twitter user who is a novice by virtue of their low number of tweets. The opposite of “tweep” is “twitterian.”

Among the 10.6 billion tweets in the world posted in June 2012, two percent of it was posted from Jakarta.

Jakarta sits in the top of the chart followed by Tokyo and London.

Indonesian’s craze of this social media is not only spread among the people in Jakarta but also in other cities. Bandung, another Indonesian city, ranks 6th in the chart.

Sao Paolo ranks 4th, followed by New York, Bandung, Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago and Riyadh, respectively.

On June 2012, Twitter reached half a billion user accounts. Most of the accounts were created in United States with 140 million accounts followed by Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom and Indonesia.

graphic of tweeter users (Photo: semiocast.com)

According to Semiocast study, user-based growth was slowing down in Japan and South Korea. Nevertheless, Japan is still one of the most active country.

Twitter is a San Francisco based social media company launched in 2006.

Twitter has created some new urban slang that has been a trend around the world, such as tweets, followers and re-tweet.

Twitter allows its user to send and read messages of up to 140 characters, known as tweets.

Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information, Tifatul Sembiring, twitter account (Photo: seputarbanten.com)

Twitter users can follow their friends, public figures, celebrity or other twitter accounts to read their tweets, as well as others can follow their account and get update on their posts.

The other users who follow another twitters account, is called “follower”.

Twitter also enables its users to re-tweet the messages that has been posted by other user as well as replying the tweets.

Twitter and Facebook are believed to have played an important role in society, not only for entertainment and business, but also for political protests as in Arab Spring.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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