Annual Korea-Yonsei sports event is biggest festival for both universities

When you ask Koreans or foreigners who know South Korea pretty well on which are the best universities in Korea, they will tell you about SKY.

SKY stands for Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University.

From the three universities above, two – Korea University and Yonsei University – are private universities.

Both are known for their rivalry on providing the best education to their students and also famous for their annual sport competitions held between the two schools. The sports events are called Koyonjon by Korea University students and Yonkojon by Yonsei students

Yonsei University and Korea University students cheer for the Rugby match in the 2012 Koyonjon or Yonkojon on Saturday (Sept 15) held in Jamsil Stadium (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

The two days event this year was held on September 14 – 15, at Jamsil Stadium. Athletes from both universities competed  in rugby, basketball, Hockey, Soccer and Baseball.

Tens of thousands of students and alumni members as well as ordinary citizens went to Jamsil Stadium to support their fellow students who competed on the sports competitions.

The euphoria in the stadium was fascinating. The cheering of the students under the command of the enthusiastic cheer leaders costumed with their colorful and unique costumes, added the festive mood of the sports event.

The competition was won by Korea University with slight score differences.

In the first day competitions, Yonsei University won the hockey competition while Korea University saved the basketball and baseball victory.

In the second day, the lost of Korea University in the rugby match made it even with Yonsei University.

Soccer was the last match to be competed that would decide the Koyonjon winner of 2012.

Korea University students enthusiastically support their team on Rugby match against Yonsei University in Jamsil Stadium on Saturday (Sept 15) (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

The match was extraordinarily interesting. The athletes on the ground seemed to be fired up to win. Another competition also was there, the competition between the supporters of each university.

The students sang their chants vehemently competing with the other team supporters, with the group of cheerleaders and the cheerleader’s commandant action in the stage of the field side.

After playing the full two times 45 minutes match, Korea University won over Yonsei University on the soccer match and claimed the Koyonjon winner for the two consecutive years.

Local and foreign students were blended together and alumnus as well as university presidents also attended the matches.

The party continued from the stadium all the way to the Anam Street where Korea University located.

The road was closed for vehicles and some restaurants offered free food and drinks. The alumnus of Korea University paid for the meals.

They gave free Samgyopsal or Korean Barbecue, Chicken Fried Rice in a hot pot,, Bubble Tea, Beers and many other meals.

The students chanted for them in order to get into the restaurant and the seniors hosted them while spent time chatting with the students.

Some Yonsei University students also joined the celebration in Anam Street.

Korea University and Yonsei students chanted for a restaurant owner to give them free food at Anam Street (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

Together they did the chanting moves in the streets to celebrate their hard work for month of practice and preparation for the match.

The spirit of fair plays and friendship among the students of the two universities could be felt during the Koyojon or Yonkojon event.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter

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