[Indonesia Report] Nine terrorist suspects arrested in major cities

Police seize evidences in a anti-terrorist raid in Bogor on Monday, Sept 10 (Photo: www.kompas.com)

Indonesia Counter-terrorism Squad, Detachment 88, arrested another terrorist suspect in Mondokan Village in Solo, Indonesia on Sunday (Sept 30).

Indonesian police and army forces seized the location around 11 a.m. local time to clear the crime scene when Detachment 88 arrested JP, Kompas, Indonesia Mass Media, reported.

According to a local resident, Tini, JP house was often used as a firecracker-making place.
On Saturday (Sept 22), Detachment 88 also arrested 8 other terrorist suspects and seized evidences in three different locations in Solo.

According to Indonesia Police Head PR, Brigadier General Boy Rafli Amar, police were able to arrest 2 other terrorist suspects after gathering information from the 6 other suspects from the prior arrest.

RK was arrested on Friday dawn in Solo Square, while BH was arrested on early Saturday morning in Surakarta and the other 6 suspects were arrested on Saturday noon.

Police seized 11 detonators, chemical material, sulfur, material for bomb and Jihad book from BH house and liquid bomb, Nitroglycerin, 4 active pipe bomb, also compound for bomb in the crime scene where police raided the 6 suspects.

According to Boy, RK had 3 bombs in his house that was prepared to attack police.

During August to September, Indonesian police has raided and arrested terrorist suspects and also gunned down one suspect in several difference places in Jakarta, Bandung, Bojong, Depok and Solo.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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