[Indonesian food] A variety of summer desserts served in Indonesia

Indonesian beach of Gili Trawangan. Tourists enjoy sun bathing and other beach activities (Photo: http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com )

Indonesia, the biggest maritime country in the world, has beautiful beaches throughout its islands. Local and foreign tourists like to spend time in its beaches, doing various beach activities such as snorkeling, diving, sun bathing, children playing sand castles, or just relax and enjoying sunset while having Indonesian traditional food. Those are the views that can be seen everywhere in Indonesian exotic beaches.

Tropical country of course comes with its tropical weather as well. Bright sunshine is the paradise many people looking for. But the heat sometimes could be quite too much. To overcome the sting of the sun, Indonesian has various kind of cold dessert to freshen them up from the heat.

In most places in Indonesia, Es Campur or Fruit Mixed Ice can be found.

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One of a unique cold dessert that is also popular among Indonesian is Es Pisang Ijo or literally translated as Green Banana Ice.

Es Pisang Ijo a la Indonesian (Photo: http://resepmasakanindonesia.info)

Es Pisang ijo is originally from the city of Makassar in Indonesian Sulawesi Island.

The dessert is called Green Banana Ice because the banana is rolled with green pancake and served with sauce made of coconut milk, flour, coconut and pandan syrup for the finishing touch.

The sweetness and a bit sour taste of banana mixed with the smooth texture of the green pancake and the sweetness and freshness of the cold sauce makes Es Pisang Ijo perfect for summer dish.

To enjoy the taste of Es Pisang Ijo from Indonesia, you can try to make it your own with these simple steps: 

What to prepare


40 grams of Rice Flour
½ teaspoon of Salt
300 ml of Water
100 ml of Suji leaves’ (Pleomele angustifolia leaves) water extract.
(If you can not find Suji leaves, you can also use pine needles leaves or other kind of leaves you usually use in your country to make the color turned green)
Another 175 gram of Rice Flour
3 drops of pandan extract (optional)
5 of Bananas
Shaved Ice
Coconut Pandan or strawberry syrup 


650 ml of Coconut Milk
50 grams of Wheat flour
75 gram of Sugar
1 of Pandan Leaf
¼ teaspoon of Salt 

How to make it:

Mix the ingredients (Photo: Google Image)

1. Mix the rice flour, salt, water, Suji leaves water extract, and pandan extract, keep mixing it until it is boiled. Lift it up from the stove

2. Add more rice flour. Mix it thoroughly until it is not sticky anymore

Roll the banana with the mix (Photo: Google Image)

3. Flatten the mix and wrap the banana one by one with the mix

4. Steam the rolled banana for 20 minutes

Make the sauce (Photo: http://www.justtryandtaste.com/2011/08/es-pisang-ijo.html)

5. Boil the sauce ingredients. Leave it cool

6. Cut the banana into slices, pour the sauce on top of it with shaved ice and coco pandan syrup.

And your homemade Es Pisang Ijo a la Indonesia is ready to serve. You can freshen your summer with far east tropical dessert. 

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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