[Indonesia Report] A blast Injured three people in Indonesia

Indonesian Police is searching the crime scene on Sunday (Sept 09) after the explosion on the night before in Pondok Bidara Orphanage House in Depok, Indonesia (Photo: www.kompas.com)

An explosion took place in Depok City, Western border of Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, on Saturday night (Sept 8).

Chief of Public Relations of Metro Jaya Police, Senior Commissioner Rikwanto ordered Gegana, Indonesian National Police Special Response Unit, to investigate all the houses struck by the explosion in the Pondok Bidara Orphanage House, according to a report by Vivanews, Indonesia mass media.

Three people were injured on the explosion. One of them is being alleged as the bomber and suffered from severe burns.

Mulyadi Tofik, one of the injured, said he saw a man jumped the fence and one man with a motorcycle, before the explosion.

Tofik lived in a rented house behind the orphanage house. Five minutes before the explosion that was allegedly came from Mr. X room, around 09.22 p.m., Tofik saw two motorcycles visited Mr.X house.

Mulyadi, along with another man and Mr. X are currently hospitalized in Police Hospital.

Mr.X was suffered the most severe injured with his right hand broken and burned up to 70 percent of his body.

The crime scene investigation resulted on the found of explosive materials and firearms. Police seized 3 grenades, 1 Beretta Pistol with 17 ammunitions loaded and 2 other firearms.

Asked whether the explosion was related to the fugitive Muhammad Toriq, who owned the explosive material in Tambora, West Jakarta, and the terrorist caught in Depok early last week, Ansyaad Mbai, Head of Indonesia National Counter-terrorism Agency, said that it was still under investigation.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono through his spokesperson, Julian Aldrin Pasha, during the APEC meeting on Sunday (Sept 09) expressed   regret for the victims on the incident and instructed the police to search for the perpetrator.

In the end of August  last month, Indonesian Special Detachement 88, a Counter-terrorism Squad, gunned down two terrorist suspects in Solo, Indonesia Central Java Province.

A life of a member of Detachment 88 was also cost during the anti-terrorism raid.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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