Ban Ki-moon emphasizes need to empower women

Hundreds of Asian and African female students listen to Ban Ki-Moon's speech on World Congress of Global Partnership on August 13, 2012 (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, delivered a speech at the World Congress of Global Partnership in Duksung University, Korea, on Monday (Aug 13)

On his four days visit to Korea to attend the International Management of the World’s Ocean Conference, Secretary General Ban took his time to speak to hundred of participants attending the first World Congress of Global Partnership.

The congress was attended by hundreds of male and dominated by female students from Asian and African countries, sharing ideas on how to solve women issues in their countries and around the world. They discussed about issues from leadership, gender equality, to entrepreneurship.

In his speech, Ban said his concern of gender inequality and his effort to solve the issue through United Nations.

“Gender inequality blocks the development progress in many of third world countries.” Ban said.

He pointed out that gender inequality is a critical goal boundaries and world needs to create a new path for women’s equality in the international arena.

Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, talks with the participants after addressing speech in World Congress of Global Partnership 2012 (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

“Women do more works for less pay than men in Africa. Every minute women dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth.” Ban said.

Those things happen because women have not gotten enough voice in the decision-making position. Ban said, “That is why women should be put there (in the decision-making position) because it effects women’s personal rights and hold backs the nation.”

Ban put his concern into action by appointing more women to work with UN. During Ban’s term as UN Secretary General, the percentage of women working for UN in senior level is higher than ever before.

In 2010, during the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit, Ban launched Every Woman Every Child Foundation to improve women and children’s health around the world.

According to Plan International, a number of studies have shown that increasing the number of girls benefiting from education has a positive effect on a country’s per capita economic growth.

Winners of World Congress of Global Partnership's Competition take pictures with Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

The congress was attended by Seoul Metropolitan Mayor, Park Won-soon and was closed by the President of Duksung Women’s University, Chi Eun Hee.

The World Congress of Global Partnership 2012 was held jointly by UN Women and Duksung Women’s University. This congress will be UN Women’s annual event, cooperate with its partner Nations.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter

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