[Indonesia Report] Indonesian Hindus celebrate annual Kasodo Ritual

Kasodo Ritual in the foot of Bromo Mountain, Indonesia (Photo: http://zona-jatim.blogspot.kr)

Indonesian Hindu devotees held annual Kasada Ritual in Bromo Mountain as a form of gratitude on Saturday (Sept 6).

Tengger Tribe who live around the mountain brought offerings to be thrown to the Bromo Mountain’s crater.

Tengger people praying before the Kasovo ritual in the midnight (Photo: http://umumagazine.com)

They brought various crops to livestock.

Kompas.com reported the event, describing this ritual as Tengger people’s gratitude to the Hindu gods for safety and welfare.

Word ‘Bromo’ comes from Sanskrit, Brahma, one of Hindu’s main deities.

Kasodo Ritual in the crater of Bromo Mountain, East Java Province, Indonesia (Photo: http://my.opera.com/robertuspudyanto/albums/slideshow)

Therefore Tengger society believes that Bromo Mountain is sacred.

Once a year, Tengger people hold Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo ritual.

Tengger People brings offerings for Kasodo Ritual (Photo: http://collection-of-indonesian.blogspot.kr)

This ritual was held in a shrine located in the foot of Northern Bromo Mountain. From there then they continued the ritual to the peak of the mountain.

It takes place every year in midnight to dawn in the full moon which is around day 14 or 15 on the tenth month (kosodo) according to Javanese calendar.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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