[Indonesia Report] Indonesia achieves record economic growth in 2012

Activity in Jakarta International Container Terminal, Indonesia (Photo: vivanews.com)

Indonesia has achieved a record economic growth in the period from January through September 2012 with export of more than US$ 1 billion per month.

In 2012, Indonesia export to non-conventional countries raises sharply.

Indonesia Central Statistic Bureau’s Chief, Suryamin, told Vivanews.com that in September Indonesia has recorded a trade surplus of US$ 552,9 million, compared to August with surplus of US$248,5 million.

Even though CSB reported an increase in September report but compared to the same month 2011, Indonesia trade droped 9,35 percent, but it showed a rise of 13,21 percent from August this year.

Import of Indonesia also increased on September this year to US$ 15,35 billion. But it recorded only 1,19 percent compared to September last year.

Indonesia’s total export from January through September 2012 reached US$ 143 billion, but it represented a dropped 6.06 percent year on year.

And total import of US$ 141,97 or increased 9.18 percent year on year.

Suryamin explained to vivanews.com that the increase on Indonesian trade balance came from export to non-conventional countries with surplus of US$ 11,68 billion from January through September 2012.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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