[Indonesia Report] Nasi Kuning, an Indonesian delicacy for breakfast

Nasi Kuning wrapped with palm leaf (Photo: www.foodspotting.com)

Different countries, different cultures, different breakfasts.

As each country has its own custom for breakfast, Indonesians have their own special menu for breakfast, which is called “Nasi Kuning” or literally translated to Yellow Rice.

Nasi Kuning is a dish made of rice that is boiled with coconut milk and turmeric. The turmeric then gives a yellow color and the coconut milk give a savory to the rice.

The yellow rice then served with shredded tuna and beef stew, fried chili beef with potatoes, and boiled egg.

To add authenticity, in some places, the dish then is wrapped with a palm leaf.

One of Indonesian cities that is famous for Nasi Kuning is Manado.

Manado is located in North Sulawesi Province that is also famous for its maritime tourism destination.

In Manado city, there is a well-known restaurant for its specialty in Nasi Kuning, called Rumah Makan Nasi Kuning Selamat Pagi or Yellow Rice Good Morning Restaurant.

With its authentic Nasi Kuning Recipe, Good Morning Restaurant has been a regular place for Indonesian public figures.

Those ranging from local and national government officers to Indonesian celebrities come to this restaurant when they visit Manado.

Not only local tourists like to take it home but also International tourists often buy Nasi Kuning to take home to their country, such as Japan and United States.

Because Nasi Kuning is one of the favorite foods in Manado, now people enjoy Nasi Kuning not only for breakfast, but also for lunch and dinner. Therefore the Good Morning Restaurant is open to business throughout everyday.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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