Italian Mafia godfather caught in Bali, Indonesia

Antonino Messicate Vitale, Italian Mafia Prince, caught by interpol in Bali (Dec. 7) (

Indonesian mass media,, on Friday (December 14) published an article on an Italian Godfather, caught in Bali, Indonesia.

In the article, it says, he looks like a polite man, and probably wise. Messicati Antonino Vitale was shown in a picture  by many media around the world lying looked relax with his dark glasses, topless and in shorts, his face bright of sunlight and a cigarette in his fingers while the other hand holding a novel by Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, in an unknown beach.

Antonino might enjoy life as it is in a suspenseful novel. He is believed to be the ‘Godfather’ of the most feared mafia gangs in Palermo, Silsilia, known as Villabate gang. He often extorts, kidnaps, or kills his opponent.

In December 2012, the adventure stopped in Bali. Interpol had been in pursuit of him for a long time. Antonino was finally caught by police in a villa in Bali, and now he’s detained at a prison of the Bali Police.

During the run, Antonino kept on organizing his business. An investigator in Italy said the Godfather was still in contact with his family. “He is representing the family in the mafia clans Villabate operation,” said the investigator quoting the head of police in Palermo.

Antonino was arrested in a luxury villa in Basangkasa Street, Legian, Kuta, Bali on Friday morning (December 7). He was wanted by the police on cases of abuse that killed a person in 2011, and is feared to be imprisoned for 24 years.

He lived for six months in Bali. During that time, Antonino spent much of his time not as a fugitive but as a tourist. During the period, he even had time to celebrate his 40th birthday with a party, completed with a music band played a soundtrack of a movie ‘Godfather’.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter

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