[Korea Report] My first experience of snow in Seoul as romantic as I imagined

Picture of first night of snow falls in Seoul in 2012 (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

Even though Korea has been entering Winter since mid November, first snow fell in Seoul last Monday night (December 4) and officially started the winter season.

As someone who was born and grew up in a tropical country, last Monday night was a special night for me. It was another magical moment I have had during my stay in Korea, as it was the first time for me to see the snow.

I was sitting in a restaurant near my university with three of my friends and enjoying our dinner that night when we first saw the snow fall.

It was as beautiful as I always imagine how the snowy night would be. Seeing the snow fell outside the window from a second floor restaurant with friends around me was beautiful.

After seeing the snow fall from inside the restaurant, my friend asked me to go out and took picture of it, as they knew that I must be so excited about it. So I went out and took some pictures of my first snow experience.

The temperature was good, I thought it would be colder than rainy day in winter season, but turned out it was nice and the feeling of first snow was exciting.

The snow fell on my head and coat, but it felt so light and not wet as I thought it would be.

People in the street also looked exciting of the snow as I took picture of the street and the area.

I then went back to the restaurant and continued our dinner.

Chatting, laughing, talking about our plans and life in Korea while staring at the snow falling outside the window brought me the romantic and warm feeling as in a romantic christmas movies that I love to watch.

I am so excited to wait for my second snowy day in Seoul and to start my adventure in a winter Korea.

I hope that everyone would feel the spirit that I had and wish everyone to have a beautiful and wonderful winter holiday that will come soon.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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