[Indonesia Report] A lot of memorable things happen for Indonesia during 2012

Jokowi (left) and Ahok (right), Jakarta's elected Governor and Vice Governor 2012 (Photo: http://politik.kompasiana.com)

Year 2012 is soon to end in a count of days. Major events happened around the world that marks a big change and spectacular moment in each country.

Leadership changes took place in world’s major power countries. Barack Obama won his 2nd term as President of most powerful country in the world, United States, Xi Jinping was confirmed to take the Chinese Presidential throne, and Shinzo Abe was set to become next Japanese prime minister by overwhelming win of his Liberal Democratic Party in the general election a few days ago. South Korea’s Park Geun-hye won the Presidential election Wednesday (December 19) to become the first woman President of the country.

Big events also took place in Indonesia during the year of 2012 from politics to entertainment world.

In September, Jakartans elected their new elected Governor and Vice Governor, Jokowi and Ahok and declared them as the first and second most powerful persons in Jakarta, Indonesian capital city.

This marks a new stepping stone for Jakartans to embrace the diversity in its society.  Ahok is the first Vice Governor of Jakarta from ethnic Chinese who are one of minorities in Indonesia.

Jokowi is a new refreshing symbol for Indonesian on their quest of a clean and humble government. Jokowi previously was Mayor of Solo City, another city in Indonesian Java Island.

During his leadership as Solo Mayor, Jokowi was loved by his people because of his humbleness and his program that improved people’s life. He was first known when he decided to buy a domestically produced car as his Mayor official car in a far departure from other officials who choose luxurious branded cars.

In December, Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sport, Andi Mallarangeng resigned from his ministerial seat over allegation of corruption.

Korean Pop or K-Pop wave also hit Indonesia in 2012. Psy with his “Gangnam Style” song conquered the world as well as Indonesians’ heart. Series of events and videos uploaded to youtube by Indonesian with Gangnam Style theme.

Makassar, a city in Indonesian Sulawesi Island, also held a national record breaking attempt as attracting the largest number of participants of Gangnam Style dance.

New comers in Indonesian Music Industry also found their stars shining in 2012, such as Rumor with its song “Butiran Debu” that was also sang by Indonesian Idol’s runner up Sean, who lost the crown of Indonesian Idol 2012 to Regina Ivanova.

Indonesian well-known musician, Ariel who was out from his previous band, Peterpan, that brought him to fame, formed a new group band called Noah, after his release from prison. He was arrested for having spread his sex videos to public.

Despite of its ups and downs, the year 2012 has been an unforgettable and memorable year for the world and Indonesia.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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