[Indonesia Report] Protest held to condemn Israel for attacking Palestinians in Gaza Strip

Indonesian Muslim Students demonstration on Israel – Palestine conflict on Sunday (November 25) (Photo: Kompas.com)

Indonesians keep on holding demonstrations in some areas across the country to condemn Israel’s aggression to Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

In Demak, Central Java Province in Indonesia, tens of activists from Indonesian Muslim Student Movement (PMII) held the same demonstration on Sunday (November 25).

The demonstration took place in the main street of Demak where it attracted a lot of attention from people that were passing the street.

They did oration and brought posters to protest Israel’s missile attack. Indonesian students also did theatrical performance as part of their protest.

PMII activists did an art performance with a “Pocong (Body that is wrapped with shroud)” theme in the street. They acted a Pocong held a baby and were hit and kicked also shot by Israeli soldiers.

According to Kompas.com, the theatrical performance’s aim was to picture the misery Palestinian felt.

Ali Romdon, the demonstration coordinator, told Kompas.com that the demonstration is a form of Demak Students’ concern of Israel aggression to Palestine. They condemned the violence against civilians in Palestine.

The demonstrators concerned on the number of victims from civilians which were also consist of elderly and children.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict raised sympathy for Palestinians from Muslim countries around the world. The demonstration in Demak was one of it.

The demonstrators chanted, “Save Palestine….Israel Terrorist.”

They asked Demak citizens to participate in an effort for easing Palestinians misery by giving donations.

The demonstration went on peacefully without any confrontation with police.

The demonstration lasted for an hour before the students dispersed in an orderly manner.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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